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   "Fight Back: How To Fight Red-Light and Speed Cameras"
Testimonial from Donya Inman on December 2, 2005

1. What Happened:
In early October, I received citation in the mail citing that I had committed a red light violation a few days earlier that would cost me $361 plus a transaction fee. The photograph on the citation, endorsed by the City of San Bernardino, did not clearly illustrate to me what violation had occurred because the caption did not correspond to my action in the picture. Needing more evidence, I reviewed the accessible online video. Instantly, I realized that a photograph was captured prior to my entering the intersection and that the vehicle in front of me had activated the camera.

2. How I Found the eBook "Fight Back: How To Fight Red-Light and Speed Cameras":
The intersection was one that I pass everyday on my route to work, so naturally I was astounded to discover that recording devices were installed in my city without my prior knowledge. With the general familiarity I had with enforcement agencies and the how they had little concern for individual inquiries, I knew I could neither approach the city nor the local police department for help. I performed a quick keyword search online for the history, the controversy, and the future of red-light cameras in my area. I came upon a press release for a product that I had never heard of named PhotoBlocker. I found many other interesting articles on the manufacturer’s website,, about the frequent and widespread problems with red-light cameras. The dedication that PhantomPlate had for this type of concern is what convinced me to contact them ...

There's More! Click here to Read Donya's Full Testimonial
on How She Beat Her Undeserved Citation!

   Why you need to fight back:
  • Red-light cameras are about revenue, not safety!
  • It's private companies profiting from law-enforcement.
  • Red-light cameras have caused more rear-end accidents!
  • Traffic cameras are notorious for making mistakes.
    See for yourself!

WBAL 11: Baltimore, MD
It's a trap. Yellow lights are being shortened to generate revenue

News 5: Arizona
Private companies making HUGE profits! It's NOT about safety.

Australia News 7
Speed Cameras in Australia Wrongfully Ticketing City Buses & Cars (Part II)

Australian TV
After thousands of victims, Victoria Police decide to remove all red-light and speed cameras.

Proof that Red-Light Cameras

A San Bernadino, CA motorist gets ticketed wrongfully by a camera.

   Read More Studies
    on how ineffective red light cameras really are ...

Red Light Camera Studies Roundup
A collection of red light camera studies over the last decade shows red light cameras have serious side-effects.
Click Here for complete Story...

Red Light Citations Drop Below One Per Day
Increasing Yellow Light Time at Fairfax Red Light Camera Intersection Results in 94 percent Drop in "Red Light Violations."
Click Here for complete Story....

Do red light cameras reduce accidents or generate revenue?
Recently, Mayor Bill White convinced City Council to approve red light traffic cameras, ostensibly to improve safety. However, some of us think it's more likely a new way to generate revenue, kind of like $AFEclear. Click here for complete story....
Camera Company Gets Cut From Red Light Fees .....
Red light runners in Berkeley should prepare to smile as they illegally cross intersections this June when the city implements its new red light camera system. Click here for complete story....
WOW!!!! Virginia DOT Study Shows Redlight Cameras Increase Injury Accidents
Virginia DOT Study Shows Cams Increase Injury Accidents The Virginia Transportation Research Council studied all of the state red light camera programs and found an overall increase in injury accidents. Click here for complete story....

  PhotoBlocker Spray : "It will hide your license plate from red light cameras" - CBS News
  What is PhotoBlocker Spray? How does it work?

A majority of red light & speed cameras utilize a strong flash to photograph the license plate on your car. Once sprayed on your license plate, PhotoBlocker’s special formula produces a high-powered gloss that reflects the flash back towards the camera. This overexposes the image of your license plate, rendering the picture unreadable. With PhotoBlocker, your license plate is invisible to traffic cameras yet completely legible to the naked eye.

REFLECTS traffic camera flash, helping to prevent a costly ticket!
FAST spray-on formula!
INVISIBLE to the naked eye!
EXCLUSIVE formula!
BEST alternative for when you can't use an anti-camera license plate cover!
ONE TIME application!
Get a can before you get a ticket!

One application of PhotoBlocker™ is good for life. It will not wash off, fade,
or dissolve away.
As Seen On:

We do not condone the use of PhantomPlate products to defeat toll booth cameras

  Does it work? Y E S ! See for Yourself!
Click on the links below to watch newscasts. The streaming video files will pop up in a new window.

KXAN: Austin, TX
"It blinded our cameras!"


Fox 31 :
Denver, CO
"Surprisingly Effective!"


"It works! You can beat Big Brother!"

CBS Early Morning Show
"will hide your license plates"


Australian TV

Here is what the media says!
“…it will hide your license plate from red light cameras…”
CBS 29
"Fuzzing up the policing picture A licenseplate spray thwarts cameras set up to catch drivers running red lights".
- The LA Times
"This spray makes license plates illegible by traffic-enforcement cameras by reflecting the flash back at the camera."
Wall Street Journal  
“license plate spray cancels out red-light cameras”
Delaware Online
“…a hit with drivers”
Daily Mail
“the latest tool to help drivers…police are not amused”
ABC News
“License-plate spray foils
traffic cameras”
Washington Times
“…beats traffic camera tickets in a flash”
Chicago Sun-Times
Our Customers Say ...

highly recommend,
March 21, 2006, Donald (Washington, DC)

... Since 2004, I have it on my license plates and I have nothing but praise for this product. For me no tickets means worth every penny spent on the spray and cover... A++

" Great Seller AAAAAA++++++"
 realoldnavyret( 42Feedback score is 10 to 49)

"Awesome product great seller!!!!! "
 emler5( 25Feedback score is 10 to 49)

"Received promptly, item as described, wouldpurchase from again, A++++++++"
 thisanthat27( 98Feedback score is 50 to 99)

lesterautoworld( 278Feedback score is 100 to 499)

Without PhotoBlocker, you WILL get a ticket!
It's a shame, but we will still help you.
Fight Back & WIN!
FREE e-Book Included With Your Order
Fight Back! How to Fight Red-Light & Speed Camera Tickets in Court and WIN!

PhotoBlocker Spray!
E-Book will be emailed to you upon payment for order.
  Got a red light and/or speed camera ticket? Do you want to fight it in court and win? LEARN THE TRICKS NOW:
Top 10 Tricks to Beat Your Ticket in Traffic Court
Written by a traffic attorney & traffic court judge
Over 3,500 cases dismissed by attorney
Valued at $39.99. NOW YOURS FREE with any purchase of PhotoBlocker Spray!

Donya Inman, San Bernardino, CA

Click here to watch
a Faulty Camera
Ticketing Donya Inman
for $370!

highly recommend!
"This e-book is very simple to use and extremely effective and helpful. Got my ticket dismissed without even going to court"
- Andre, Washington DC

Frequently Asked Questions about PhotoBlocker Spray

Q. How many coats should I apply?
A. The thicker the coating the better the result. At a minimum 3-4 coats.

Q. How long does it last?

Q. How many plates can I do with one can of PhotoBlocker Spray can?
A. One spray can will do 3-4 US/Canadian size plates and 2-3 European size number plates.

Q. What types of Cameras does PhotoBlocker Spray Defeat ?
A. Our products are designed to defeat most types of red-light, speed and photo radar cameras.

Gatso  Cameras
PEEK Cameras
SPECS  Cameras
Mini Gatso Cameras
Truvelo Cameras
HandHeld Cameras
Traffic light Caermas
Red Light Cameras
Mobile Cameras
Street Cameras
Traffic Cameras
Police Radar Cameras
Signal Cameras
Mobile Van Cameras

Q. Does the product really work?
A. Well, how should we answer that? To date we have conclusive tests conducted by Denver Police Department, Dutch Police, Fox News, Swedish TV, Australian TV, British TV and thousands of satisfied customers in six continents. Our Products were also featured on NBC, CBS, ABC News, Tech TV, Norwegian TV, Dutch TV, Washington Times, UK’s Daily Mail and many, many more.

Day Light Shot taken from a speed flash camera of a truck using PhotoBlocker™ spray on its number plates
Night Shot taken from a speed flash camera of a car using PhotoBlocker™ spray on its number plates
Speed flash camera photograph taken of a car using
PhotoBlocker™ spray .

Additionally, our complaint or product failure rate is less than ½ % of total sales in the past two years. We have repeat customers and 99% customer satisfaction rating. Some of our best customers are law enforcement and the same guys who install and operate the red-light/speed cameras.

Q. Can the police enhance the photo to read my plate number after it is overexposed due to PhotoBlocker?
The answer is NO they can not. If the positive image is illegible, the negative image will be EXACTLY as illegible. Merely looking at the negative image cannot improve the legibility of a license plate. If you can't see the faint dark letters in the positive image, then you won't see them any better as faint white letters in the negative, or vice-versa.There are certainly ways to enhance the contrast to try to amplify and clarify subtle gradations, but they have nothing at all to do with checking the negatives.

Additionally, if they tamper with the picture, then that evidence is not admissible in the court of law. As a result any photo-radar image that is illegible will be discarded.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?
A. All orders shipped to US/Canadian addresses take 3-5 Days. Orders with European address will take 2-3 weeks. Australian orders will take 2-4 weeks.

Q. Can I send a check or money order?
A. Yes you may. (Only US/Canadian customers)

U.S./Canada Customer’s: Once payment is received, your item will be shipped via UPS Ground service. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO addresses.
Shipping charges are calcluated based on UPS Ground rates. Please provide your zip code to calculate your Shipping/Handling charge.
Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico: Please contact us before bidding. Shipping will be determined before you bid as it may be more to ship to you.
All Other Countries: Shipping and handling for international customers is a flat rate of $19.99 for one Photoblocker and $4.99 for each additional Photoblocker. The reason these prices are high is because the Photoblocker is an aerosol can and it's considered hazmat material therefore it's very expensive to send via air.
Payment Methods
Returns: In the unlikely event that a return is requested, all returns must include all original items undamaged, in re-saleable condition, all original packaging included. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable.  Buyer is responsible for shipping costs incurred shipping products back.
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